Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wiki Battle

This is a fun game that anyone that has access to Wikipedia can play. It is called Wiki battling.
The Wikipedia Logo

The main object of the game is to get from one page to another page with a completely different subject. For example, the game might start at Ancient Rome and the objective is to end at Spiders. This might sound weird at first, but it is extremely fun. Here is how to play:
  1. Get both players on the agreed starting page of Wikipedia.
  2. Let a third person name the page that you have to get to
  3. Either by least number of clicks or fastest time, try to get to the page only by clicking on links in the article.
  4. Depending on how you are playing, the first one there or the one with the least number of clicks wins.
There are some rules though:

Rule 1: You may not use ctrl+ F to find specific words on a page, you MUST find them yourself.
Rule 2: You man not click on links found in lists (usually found at bottom of page). You must use only links in the article. Here is an example of links found in lists:
A list of pages at the bottom of an article
Rule 3: This rule seems stupid, but so many people actually try it, NO searching for your page in the search bar.

Have fun wiki battling!!

Thanks readers.


StumbleUpon Favorites Page Update

Hey readers, sorry that I haven't posted in a while, I have been crazy busy. This week, I will try to get a post in every day. So, here are some of my favorite stumbles. To see the rest, go ahead and visit the StumbleUpon Favorites page.

How to Tick People Off- Exactly what it sounds like; 32 different ways to tick people off.

Procrastination Flowchart- The process of what you are doing probably doing right now.

Remember, to see more visit the StumbleUpon Favorites page.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Good Eating

One thing that people look to when they are bored is food. I am going to tell you about two of my favorite sandwich recipes of all time.

  1. Turkey Bagel Cream Cheese Sandwich- Exactly what it sounds like. Simply slather 1/2 of a bagel with cream cheese, and put on the turkey. Cover it up with the other half of the bagel and eat.
  2. Uber-Mega-Awesome Grilled Cheese- This is no ordinary grilled cheese. The four required ingredients are ham or canadian bacon, cheddar cheese, bread, and butter. First butter and heat up the griddle. Next make 3 grilled cheese sandwiches with the cheese and meat. Make sure not to completely cook them. Next, put together all three of the sandwiches with two more layers of cheese and meat. The cheese in the secondary two layers will be kind of un-melted, so microwave the whole thing for thirty sandwiches. This can serve two hungry people, or one giant guy.
If you liked the Grilled Cheese, you have to check out Epic Meal Time. They make the biggest, most delicious, most disgusting things ever. Here is my favorite of their creations:

Thanks readers.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Best Fails

I am going to be doing a new page all about my favorite fail posts. The page is called All things Fail. It is going to be updated regularly, so check it out! Fail Blog is one of my favorite sites. There is virtually infinite funny pictures and videos. Also, once you get bored, you can check out some of their hilarious sister sites. Here are some of my favorite fails:

Thanks readers.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nothing but Stumble #2

Stumbling can be fun, but I can understand when you don't actually want to have to stumble through a ton of pages, so I did it for you. Here is a list of fun pages that I picked from my Stumbling one afternoon:

  • Honest Food prep Instructions- A post by CollegeHumor  about what actually happens when preparing food
  • Envision Sensory Box- Awesome video about something you really just have to see.
  • High Score Speeding Picture- Funny picture where there is a "Your Speed" display, and a white board taped below it with top speeds.
  • Farmer Bails Himself in Hay- A farmer goes back to fix his machine, and his pants get ripped off. To add to the humiliation, he falls in the bailer, bailing himself in hay. The video ends with a nude farmer with a torso that appears to be made of hay with his arms sticking out, running away. You have to see it.
Thanks readers.


    Nothing but Stumble

    I have already discussed Stumbleupon in my post Fun Pages that Entertain and Inspire, but I would like to go into more depth.

    For those who don't know, Stumbleupon is a website that helps you find sites that you like or enjoy. For example, if I was interested in cars, under my account I would check cars. You then hit the stumble button. It will take it to website that has something to do with your interests. If you select like or dislike, it will eventually learn what you like, and you will get an awesome website every time you stumble!

    Thanks readers.


    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Adams Picks: Outsourced (Movie and Show)

    Outsourced the movie is great. It brings out the worst and the best of American and Indian culture, and is extremely funny as it does. Though the movie is mostly a comedy, it has some very serious parts that really make us think about our culture and our lives.

    Here is a link to buy Outsourced the movie on Amazon:

    Now I would like to talk about the show. The shows based off the movie, with almost all the same characters,but it is a little more racist towards Americans, and it is much more of a comedy. I highly recommend it. Outsourced the show is still in season one, so it cannot be purchased yet.

    Thanks readers.


    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Flash Games For Beginners #2

    Hey readers. This post is dedicated not to sites to find flash games at, but to the actual flash games. Remember, this blog is about thought, so I am going to review some of my favorite strategy flash games:

    Corporation Inc- A strategy game all about building a business and successfully running it. Believe me, it sounds boring, but it is incredibly addictive. Here is a short gameplay video:


    Crush the Castle- A fun game about using a trebuchet catapult to knock down castles and crush the people inside of them. Once you start playing, many of you will say that it rips off Angry Birds, but this was actually one of the games that the idea of Angry Birds came from (along with an older game, Castle Clout). Here is a short gameplay video:

    Bubble Tanks 2- This is an innocent little game where you are a bubble tank, and you go around and destroy other bubble tanks. As you pick up the bubbles from the destroyed enemy tanks, you get bigger and more advanced. A fun, easy strategy game that can be played for hours. Here is a short gameplay video:

    Thanks readers.


    Flash Games For Beginners #1

    Online flash games can be super fun to kill time, and they are almost always free. The first thing that you have to know is where to go to find them. Here are some of my favorite places.
    The Newgrounds logo
    Newgrounds- Not only music, but tons of fun games.

    The Armor Games Logo

    Armor Games- Some of the best games ever. Also, you can make a profile and work your way up through the gaming community by rating and reviewing games.
    Addicting Games Logo

    Addicting Games- Similar to Armor games. You should check out both sites to see a variety of games to play.

    Thanks readers.


    Saturday, February 12, 2011

    Constructive Time Kill: Rock Climbing

    There are many useless ways to kill time on the internet or TV that are pretty fun. Today I just tried out a new more constructive way to kill time, rock climbing. Rock climbing is pretty easy to get started, and if you can find a local rock gym of some sort, then you won't need to buy your own gear. It is pretty self explanatory to do the basics, but here is a video to get you started:

    Hope you enjoy!

    Thanks readers.


    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Adam's Picks: The Pacific

    Hi Readers!

    I decided that starting today I would start a series called Adam's Picks. These will be books, TV shows, movies, or anything of that sort that I enjoy or like.

    Todays pick is The Pacific. This is an HBO miniseries about a group of Marines during WW2 fighting in the, you guessed it, Pacific (against the Japanese). The Pacific is really a great series that shows what it was really like to go through WW2 as a Marine. It is also based on true events.

    Here is an Amazon link to get it (it is a bit pricey):

    Thanks readers.

    Adam Litch

    Just Listen

    Music is a great way to kill time, and if you think you have to steal or buy music, then you are wrong. These are two sites that dominate music on the Internet:

    Most people have heard of this, but it is great listening for any genre. I spend all my time listening while I am online. You simply type in an artist, song, album, or genre, and it will give you music that is very similar to it. Great for discovering new bands.

    Full of free original music (mostly techno). Great for when you want it on iTunes without stealing.

    Thanks readers.


    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    Free is always Nice

    If I were to poll it, few would say that they didn't like free stuff. Now, if you don't like free stuff, then please avert your eyes, because this next post is all about the motherlode of free stuff.

    The name really fits: Free Stuff. This site is awesome if you have time to kill. The site is full of legit free things, you just have to filter through all the fake links and junky samples to get to the good stuff. By good stuff, I mean a whole host of things, including t-shirts, mugs, samples of food and drink, and great coupon offers.

    At first I thought this is too good to be true, and it is. This is because most of their stuff is junk. But if you are anything like me, then:

    1. You like junk
    2. You don't mind killing time to get it
    3. You want your junk free
    If all of the above descriptions fit you, then this is definitely the page for you

    Thanks readers.


    Online Videos 101

    If you are ever bored, and just want to kill time streaming videos, your first reaction is to probably go to Youtube. This is a bad idea. Youtube is a good tool for finding specific videos that maybe your friends have told you about, but it can take just about forever to find one that is truly amazing or hilarious.

    Skip sifting through Youtube. Go to WimpWimp is a site that hand picks hilarious, and awesome videos from the web, and lets you stream them right on their site. They post on average 6 videos a day, and videos from previous days are extremely easy to navigate through and view videos from previous days. Check it out!

    Thanks Readers.


    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    What to do on a Lazy Sunday

    Here is a list of fun things to do with some down time:

    1. Take a walk- It gets you moving and kills time

    2. Build something cool- Anything from a wooden toy boat to a stepping stool

    3. Hang out with a friend- You know that old friend that you lost touch with years ago? Why don't you try giving him/her a call.

    4. Nap- Not only is it healthy, it killed time FAST.

    5. Stumbleupon- See my last post

    6. Random Wikipedia Page- Go to Wikipedia, and use the random page button. It sounds boring, but you wold be surprised how interesting it is, and how much you can learn.

    7. Finally, as always, read my blog. It is always full of fun stuff like this.

    Thanks readers. Keep on visiting my blog. Remember, click on the adds to support my blog.

    Thanks again,

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    Fun Pages that Entertain and Inspire

    The following pages are some fun pages that you can visit. They are some of my personal favorites.
    • Fail Blog- A great site full of hours of "fail" moments.
    • The Art of Manliness - A good site for boys, check out the page "Manly Skills"
    • Armor Games- A fun game site that you can waste hours every day on
    • Mr. Doob- A fun HTML5 experiment that you will never want to leave.
    • For more fun pages go to Stumbleupon, it will introduce you to tons of new sites like the ones listed above.
    Thanks everyone for reading, and as always take some time to view our sponsored pages on the bottom and sides!

    Sunday, February 6, 2011

    Thinking of Good Books

    There are books out there now and today for young adults like me that really get your mind moving and make you want to build. Here are some:

    • The Dangerous Book for Boys- Though this may sound dangerous, it is full of fun projects
    • The Boy Mechanic Makes Toys- Packed with great inventions
    • Guys Read- For funny storys about guy authors lives
    • The Hobbit- A great classic