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The U.S. Chamber of Secrets: Reveals secrets from the U.S. Chamber

Laziest Cat Ever:

James' Face: A friend of James on Facebook takes his pictures, changes them just enough to be believable. 

Mario With a Twist: Play as all your favorite characters.

Really makes you think:

This one just speaks for itself:

Catch Me If You Can!: How would you evade a cop?

Death By Caffeine: How much caffeine would it take to kill you? Here is how much Monster I would have to drink to kill me:

Canabalt: Awesome flash game about building jumping. (Screenshot included)

White Kid Raps Fast: Just like what it sounds like

Iconic Noise Soundboard: Full of your favorite noises.

Calvin and Hobbes Snowman Comics- A great comic relief

How to Tick People Off- Exactly what it sounds like; 32 different ways to tick people off.

Procrastination Flowchart- The process of what you are doing probably doing right now.

Pong Tennis Game- A pong ripoff. A fun game.

Nine Funniest Signs-  Like failblog, but some are a little different. Very funny page.