Sunday, June 19, 2011

PreHacked Flash Games

Is there that one Flash Game online that you just can't beat? There is a solution, Arcade PreHacksArcade PreHacks is just like a normal online flash game site, except all the games have been hacked to give you things like infinite time, lives, ammo, or money, or just make it so you can't lose.

It is pretty simple. People that are pretty fluent with Java or Flash take the game's script, and edit it to give you an upper hand in some sort of a way. Just about any game that you can find online has been hacked by someone and put on Arcade PreHacks. One thing that I would personally have to recommend is actually playing the game first on a site like Armor Games or Newgrounds first. If you just play the hacked version first, you can't really appreciate how much easier it is, and it will just fell like a ridiculously easy game. One last thing is if there isn't a hack for a game that you like, you can request it on their site using the Request Your Hacks button. 

Now, just to give you a taste of it, here is the hacked version of GemCraft, the flash game from the most recent post. Remember, play the non-hacked GemCraft first! 

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