Saturday, June 4, 2011

Goodbye Time Kills, Hello Flash Games

I realize that the time kills section of Good Thinking put nicely, sucks. Due to the fact that you guys like my flash gaming posts way better than my time kills posts, I have turned the Time Kills page into the Flash Games page! It should be way more fun, and have the potential to kill alot more time than just some suggestions. To start it off, here is a game that will also be available on the Flash Games section.

Crush the Castle 2:

Crush the Castle, based of Castle Clout, was the original inspiration for popular games such as Angry Birds. The basis of these "Siege Games" is that you fling a projectile towards the enemy fortifications, and try to either destroy it or kill the beings inside. It is a very addictive game format, and I hope you enjoy!

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