Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nothing but Stumble #2

Stumbling can be fun, but I can understand when you don't actually want to have to stumble through a ton of pages, so I did it for you. Here is a list of fun pages that I picked from my Stumbling one afternoon:

  • Honest Food prep Instructions- A post by CollegeHumor  about what actually happens when preparing food
  • Envision Sensory Box- Awesome video about something you really just have to see.
  • High Score Speeding Picture- Funny picture where there is a "Your Speed" display, and a white board taped below it with top speeds.
  • Farmer Bails Himself in Hay- A farmer goes back to fix his machine, and his pants get ripped off. To add to the humiliation, he falls in the bailer, bailing himself in hay. The video ends with a nude farmer with a torso that appears to be made of hay with his arms sticking out, running away. You have to see it.
Thanks readers.


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