Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wiki Battle

This is a fun game that anyone that has access to Wikipedia can play. It is called Wiki battling.
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The main object of the game is to get from one page to another page with a completely different subject. For example, the game might start at Ancient Rome and the objective is to end at Spiders. This might sound weird at first, but it is extremely fun. Here is how to play:
  1. Get both players on the agreed starting page of Wikipedia.
  2. Let a third person name the page that you have to get to
  3. Either by least number of clicks or fastest time, try to get to the page only by clicking on links in the article.
  4. Depending on how you are playing, the first one there or the one with the least number of clicks wins.
There are some rules though:

Rule 1: You may not use ctrl+ F to find specific words on a page, you MUST find them yourself.
Rule 2: You man not click on links found in lists (usually found at bottom of page). You must use only links in the article. Here is an example of links found in lists:
A list of pages at the bottom of an article
Rule 3: This rule seems stupid, but so many people actually try it, NO searching for your page in the search bar.

Have fun wiki battling!!

Thanks readers.


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