Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What to do on a Lazy Sunday

Here is a list of fun things to do with some down time:

1. Take a walk- It gets you moving and kills time

2. Build something cool- Anything from a wooden toy boat to a stepping stool

3. Hang out with a friend- You know that old friend that you lost touch with years ago? Why don't you try giving him/her a call.

4. Nap- Not only is it healthy, it killed time FAST.

5. Stumbleupon- See my last post

6. Random Wikipedia Page- Go to Wikipedia, and use the random page button. It sounds boring, but you wold be surprised how interesting it is, and how much you can learn.

7. Finally, as always, read my blog. It is always full of fun stuff like this.

Thanks readers. Keep on visiting my blog. Remember, click on the adds to support my blog.

Thanks again,

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