Sunday, February 13, 2011

Flash Games For Beginners #2

Hey readers. This post is dedicated not to sites to find flash games at, but to the actual flash games. Remember, this blog is about thought, so I am going to review some of my favorite strategy flash games:

Corporation Inc- A strategy game all about building a business and successfully running it. Believe me, it sounds boring, but it is incredibly addictive. Here is a short gameplay video:


Crush the Castle- A fun game about using a trebuchet catapult to knock down castles and crush the people inside of them. Once you start playing, many of you will say that it rips off Angry Birds, but this was actually one of the games that the idea of Angry Birds came from (along with an older game, Castle Clout). Here is a short gameplay video:

Bubble Tanks 2- This is an innocent little game where you are a bubble tank, and you go around and destroy other bubble tanks. As you pick up the bubbles from the destroyed enemy tanks, you get bigger and more advanced. A fun, easy strategy game that can be played for hours. Here is a short gameplay video:

Thanks readers.


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