Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Watch Free TV and Movies

I use Netflix all the time, and I love how I can view an entire series or my favorite movies whenever I want, which is something Hulu just can't do. The only problem is, Netflix is expensive, and it has limited availability of what shows and movies, and occasionally even what seasons. With these two sites, you should be able to bypass Netflix completely.

The first one is Project Free TV. This is a great site that has TV shows and movies up nearly the second that they are released. It is an easy site to browse because of how well each link is catalogued, and I have yet to find a show that isn't listed on it. Best of all, very few firewalls from schools or offices manage to block this, because it has a .me url.

The Project Free TV logo

The only real downfall to this website is the low video quality. This can be resolved by testing several of the links for each episode for the fastest buffering times, and the highest quality video and audio, but having to test each link is another major downfall, because with Netflix, the link is guaranteed to be a good one almost every time. Project Free TV is my favorite entertainment website besides Hulu by far.

Here is a site for those who want free, high quality action movies, even if they might not be that great. The site is called Crackle. It is alot like Hulu, because it is set up in a similar manner, it has good quality and fast streaming, but it too has commercials. If you can get past this, Crackle can be a very fun site.

Crackle's Logo
Hopefully, with the power of both of these sites, as well as the websites from my Free Video Entertainment post, you will never run out of videos to watch on the internet.

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