Saturday, October 22, 2011

Free Video Entertainment

Sorry for the long time without a post, school has been really busy recently, and I just haven't had any time. I'll kick things off with possibly the most popular way to entertain yourself on the internet, Videos. When you think of internet videos, the first thing you'll think is Youtube. It is a great site, but it isn't the best in all situations. Here is a site for every situation.

Youtube is great when it comes to browsing independent videos, viral video, and just plain funny stuff. Youtube is mostly short (under 15 minute) videos, and it is mostly just people with webcams or video cameras, but if you are willing to look, the funniest things you will find are out there on Youtube. Don't expect anything inappropriate, because Youtube is heavily moderated.

Vimeo is Youtube's competitor. While Vimeo has a smaller selection, they make up for it with what they allow to be published. They moderate it less heavily, so some great videos stay in that Youtube would normally take out. Another plus, some schools and businesses block Youtube, but often, they don't block Vimeo.

Hulu is by far the best way to legally watch TV on the internet. It carries most shows that run on TV, and it is completely free, except for the few adds you have to watch during the video. Hulu typically carries the 5 most recent episodes from a TV show, and they are all in high quality. When you make an account, you can connect to Facebook and easily share your thoughts about episodes. Hulu even carries some movies that are usually not great, but some of them are my favorites. If you want to be able to see any episode of any show at any time in HD, you can subscribe to Hulu Plus. It costs $7.99 USD per month, and it even gives you access to great movies.

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