Sunday, July 31, 2011

70 GB Free Online Storage

Lets face it readers, we aren't made of money, and when our hard disks are full of music and funny pictures we get online, we can't just give up right there. I have done some investigation, and have found sites that give you free storage. Don't worry about their legitimacy, because I took the time to check them all out and make sure they all work like they advertise. Because this storage is online, you can access it from anywhere, and often, you can share your stored information with whoever you want. Here is a list:

Mimedia: 7 free GB of storage that you can share with anyone you wish.
The Mimedia icon

ADrive: Get this, 50 GB free storage, just make sure to select the free plan and not the 14 day free trial. It comes with an easy user interface, and you can share your files as well.
ADrive's logo and signature storage

Dropbox: 2 GB of free storage, but probably the easiest one out there to use, and my personal favorite.
The Dropbox logo

Box: 5 GB of free storage. There is a 25 MB limit on each file, so this is recommended for images, various documents, and smallish video and audio files.
The Box logo

Amazon Cloud Drive: Made by the famous, you get 5 GB free to do whatever you wish with. Also, all mp3s you download from Amazon are automatically stored in your drive.
The Amazon Cloud Drive logo

FileDen: 1 GB free storage that can be shared with whoever you want.
The FileDen logo

Well, that's all I have for you guys. There are more file storage sites out there for you, but they are for specific files, or require you to own a PC, but I would still check them out. Just Google: Free Online Storage.

Here is the final tally: 70 GB Free!

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  1. Personally, I use all of these sites. That's how I know they are legitamate.

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  3. Good !!But free Online storage is best for Normal Music,images.Because it's not secured one...It may get hacked sometimes.If you need to store personal and important files videos,Music etc go for paid service..This is secure and safe..Visit the site get Online storage service at reasonable cost and secure your files.You Access documents, photos, videos and more — anytime, anywhere.