Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Explosions are always fun, but not all are created equal. Here is the ultimate guide to the typed of explosives.

ANFO: High power, but slow. This is a powerful blast that usually looks more like a giant dust cloud than a fiery explosion.

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C4: This is very similar to ANFO, but it is a much faster explosive. This is widely used by the United States army because of it's stability. It takes a blasting cap to explode, and shock or fire won't do a thing to it. A cool thing about C4 is that it burns well without exploding.

TNT: Fast, loud, and looks great. TNT is a fast explosion, but it doesn't have the best pushing power.

Gun Powder: Gun powder is cheap, easy to make, and only explodes if it is compacted. This makes gun powder a great candidate for guns (obviously) and for old timey explosions.

Gasoline: A huge fireball with very little power. This is what Hollywood loves. It looks great, but is not a safety issue when it comes to the actual blast. It is a fire hazard though.

Dry Ice: Nothing but dry ice and water in a sealed container. Anyone can make one, but because they are extremely unpredictable, they are very dangerous.

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